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Global Mobile Transformation Initiative

A series of global dialogues and face to face interactions lead by e-Development Thematic Group in association with multiple regional and country partners. mGovworld has been one of the partners for these global dialogues.

Mobile services are quickly emerging as the new frontier in transforming government, health, banking and many other sectors due to fast growing penetration of mobile phones even in the poorest and most remote areas of the globe. In theory, many services can be now made available on a 24x7x365 basis at any place in the world covered by mobile networks, which today means almost everywhere. This emerging trend in improving service delivery and organizational efficiency and effectiveness can be called mobile-enabled development (m-development) or mobile transformation.

In order to enable the dialogue between the country governments, prominent experts, academic institutions and industry, the e-Development thematic group organized a series of global dialogues in association with multiple stakeholders across various regions. The dialogues clearly indicated a great demand for a structured program for enabling relay of innovations, sharing of learning practices among the developing countries and creation of a global observatory on innovative applications. The details of these global dialogues is being provided below for the benefit of mGovworld users:

  • Enabling Mobile Transformation in Africa

Next Generation Mobile Services for Government, Health and the Financial Sector

The global dialogue took place on November 18, 2008 and was jointly organized by e-Development Thematic Group/Global ICT Dept, Africa GDLN, British Publishers and other partners. The dialogue also involved participants from  eStrategies Africa Conference which brought  Minister-level audience in Cape Town from 20 countries. Complete details of the deliberations as well as the videos  of the discussions can be accessed  Here>>

  • Mobile for Development

The Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social and Economic Development

The global dialogue was hosted on June 03,2008 to interact with the participants of W3C workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Participants in Sao Paulo and Washington DC (and other cities which joined the webcast)  addressed specific challenges of using mobile phones and Web technologies to deliver services to underprivileged populations of developing countries. This Global Dialogue was  facilitated by the World Bank's e-Development Thematic Group per request from W3C and its members in Washington DC and Sao Paulo. The details of the deliberations can be accessed Here>>

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